Linksys WiFi Extender A Wireless Network Range Extenderwifi Booster, or wifi Extender is an electronics device that replicates the wireless signal from your router to extend its coverage area. It works as a bridge, taking the wifi signal from your router and rebroadcasting it to areas where the wifi network is limited or nonexistent, improving the appearance of your home wifi network.

Linksys WiFi Extender
Linksys WiFi Extender

What are wifi boosters, and how are they useful?

Everybody must have faced this problem when there is no wifi signal connection is a particular part of the house. Watching a movie and moving to a specific room and the video starts buffering means the wifi connection is not that string in that room. As the routers are kept at a certain point to the house, one cannot expect the signal to be well distributed throughout. This is where a wifi range extender from comes handy and make sure that the message is strong in every part of the house.

Wifi range extender (Linksys WiFi Extender)

Wifi boosters or extenders are small devices that can be kept at any place of the house, especially where one will be using their digital device from. One will have to set up the extender and connect it to the wifi router. After this, the wifi single will be rebroadcasted through the extender, which will make it more stringer for the nearer devices. Also, make sure that the device you are using is also connected to the extender network and not to the first system from the router. In a gist, a wif booster or an extender is a device that will take wifi signals from the router and then will make it more robust and rebroadcast it.

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Features of an extender

When it comes to choosing a wifi repeater, there are a few things that should not be ignored like:

  1. Speed: the first thing to check if the repeater or the booster used has the same speed connectivity as your router. Keeping the speed similar will make sure that the boosted speed is uniform to the original connection. 
  2. Type: when it comes to choosing the right kind of booster, one should keep in mind the usage and strength. One can find the wifi repeaters or mesh, which connects to the routers through Bluetooth and then to the device. Another one is the wifi extender, which connects to the router in a wired connection and then boosts the signals.
  3. Placements: The next thing that should be kept in mind is the placements of the booster. Do not keep the booster in a dead zone as there will be no signal to capture and amplify. Also do not place it too near the router as then it will overlap with original signals.

How to Setup Linksys Extender 

Benefits of an extender

The reasons why setting up a wifi network repeater or booster from can be highly effective are:

  1. Overcome obstacles: having a nicely placed signal repeater can make sure that the challenges in the path of the connectivity are not weakening the connection strength. Wifi signal needs minimum challenges to perform, and boosters help in minimizing the effect of the obstacles.
  2. Boost strength: usually, a router can only provide the most reliable wifi connectivity to certain areas. But having a repeater or a booster one can increase the strength of the wifi connection even in these places where the signals go weak.  
  3. Cost-effective: buying multiple routers can be out of budget for many. But buying a single extender can save a lot of money and can also make sure that connectivity remains stable in all parts of the house. 

Linksys WiFi Extender